Neo Africa as a group lives by the philosophy and value of empowering nations through recruiting, developing and positively impacting historically disadvantaged individuals, not just in South Africa but all over the continent.

From this DNA of the group, Neo Africa has identified the gap in education across various demographics and industries. Furthermore, the ethos of the group is to disrupt the status quo with innovative ways of using technology to design and deliver a “new way of doing things”. Solutions designed by Africans for Africans.

From this perspective Neo Knowledge was created, which is a subsidiary of the Neo Africa group, with an employee centric approach to training and development of our people. With access to the web in the poorest of communities rapidly increasing year-on-year it becomes easier to reach communities where access to education was once only but a dream. This will create opportunities for our people to invest in themselves and develop key critical skills that they will require to find a job.

With our online e-learning portal it now becomes possible for anyone who would like to upskill themselves to sign on and work through the training modules in the comfort of their homes or anywhere else where they have internet access. The portal can also be used by companies to manage their employee development either through their own training content or third-party training courses.

One of the exciting features to come in the near future is the integration of Neo Knowledge Academy with our digitized HR biometric enabled management system known as Axiom to monitor and manage an employee’s development throughout their working life irrelevant of an employer as the data remains with the employee even when they change employers and what we refer to as your “career in a box”. This will enable employers to focus on an employee’s areas of development, with this insight employers can focus on the areas and invest in employees where it matters most.

A key focus area where Neo Knowledge wants to become the industry leader in training, is the safety training space in construction and mining. The training methods currently deployed are not as effective as it should be and too few training service providers have adopted or harnessed technology to provide and deliver effective training for their clients. There are still too many incidents and fatalities on sites where the root cause analysis has determined that the incident could have been prevented if the training was effective.

There are many reasons why the training is not effective, some of them being that the old classroom method is not conducive for effective training with a facilitator standing in front of the class room reading through the training material, this cannot be called training never mind deemed competence at the end of the training course. Every individual is unique and learn in different ways. There is also the language barrier, especially in the mining and construction industries where the learner’s first language is not English with limited secondary and tertiary education. Therefore, you need to engage the learner in a different way where they can participate and understand what is being taught.

This is where technologies like augmented and virtual reality as well as the blended learning experience becomes vital.

“Blended learning is an approach to education that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods. It requires the physical presence of both teacher and student, with some elements of student control over time, place, path, or pace.”

The online training material can be in various languages and formats which engages the learner more effectively breaking through the language barrier and in a format that speaks to your target audience. With the augmented and virtual reality competencies can be tested in real life like situations without exposing the learner to the real dangers, this is also a powerful way to train and test learners which will have a lasting impact. Neo Knowledge believes training is ripe for disruption with a focus on creating and adding value to its learner’s and clients. The future of training is upon us, it is time to embrace change and move with the times.