Neo Africa completed and ongoing projects with clients.

Financial Strength and Resources

Neo Solutions is a successful business enterprise and have sound financial resources to support the infrastructure and human resources required to execute the project over the proposed planned project term. The business has the latest infrastructure in terms of highly specked premises from which they operate. These premises have state of the art Information Communications Technology installed, and provide a robust support service to their staff members who operate from these premises. Team members are equipped with laptops, mobile data communications and cell phones, enabling them to perform effectively from anywhere in the country.

Skills Development and Partnering

One of our key objectives is the development of quality consulting skills amongst black professionals. We appreciate the contribution of large-scale consulting firms to the industry and recognize the training and development granted to even our own team members from the larger firms. We are confident that we can and have been a training provider to young, talented black professionals.

Through our strategy of partnering with other small black owned consulting businesses and partnership arrangements, we seek to further develop the level of Black skills in the consulting sector.

The company also focuses on developing capacity within itself, in order to improve service delivery and provide continuity whilst providing for contingency cover in the event that staff is indisposed or unavailable for any reason. To this end, we encourage mentorship programmes within our ranks, and similarly, facilitate skills transfer to our clients where possible and willing and eager employees exist within the client’s staff compliment.

We have partnered with appropriately skilled black owned firms in order to develop and share skills where we lack the capacity and need to augment this in order to deliver on projects. These partnerships are mutually beneficial in developing capacity in black consulting firms.

Special Services

Our knowledge and expertise in especially Public Sector Management, Business Management, Transport (Fleet Management), Public Private Partnerships, Business Process Re-engineering, Business Process Documentation and Systems Analysis & Design, has earned us an enviable reputation as expert providers of timely and effective services.

We provide services specifically tailored to our clients’ needs, with specially assembled multi-disciplinary teams with experience covering many spheres. These services are provided on a turnkey basis or for augmenting existing internal capacity of our clients, whilst adopting a solutions oriented approach which adds distinct value to the operations of our clients.

Fleet Management Consulting

Fleet consulting is one of Neo Africa Advisory’s major service lines and is supported by an entirely black team with many years of experience in the field.

Our proposed team of fleet management experts has been extensively involved in most aspects of the fleet management industry since 1996. Our team also includes an expert on the Municipal Finance Management Act, as well as the Municipal Systems Act, which currently regulates procedures of the municipality.

The team’s acquaintance with the industry provides us with access to and knowledge of the most up-to-date technologies, models and concepts in the industry. In fact, the team members have been instrumental in prompting the development of new products for the industry, having been directly involved with some of the most significant fleet owners and fleet management contracts in existence in Southern Africa today.

Some examples are

  • Developing the fleet management and managed maintenance contracts for the National Department of Transport and KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport in 1997 and 2001. (60 000 and 5 000 vehicles respectively).
  • Advising on the outsourcing of the City of Johannesburg’s vehicle fleet (5 000 vehicles) – a project undertaken under the auspices of the MIIU.
  • Developing the subsidised vehicle (car allowance) policy for National and Provincial government, as well as assisting with the tenders for the managed maintenance and financing of subsidised vehicles in 1998 and 2001).
  • Advising Debis Fleet Management on aspects of its successful bid for the outsourcing of the Telkom vehicle fleet (19 000 vehicles).
  • Evaluating the vehicle fleet and subsequent outsourcing of the fleet in October 2001 for the Northern Cape provincial government (500 vehicles).
  • Assessing fleet operations of the provincial governments of the Eastern Cape (3000 vehicles), Northern Cape (900 vehicles) and Free State (3000 vehicles), and subsequent assistance with developing fleet tenders and contracts for those provinces.
  • Restructuring the yellow equipment fleet of the Roads Contractor Company in Namibia.
  • Assessing the fleet operations of the Kruger National Park, and subsequent assistance with developing a fleet tender and contract for the park.
  • Assessing the fleet operations of the Msunduzi Municipality.
  • Assessing the fleet operations of the KwaZulu-Natal provincial government, and subsequent assistance to reengineer its internal fleet management systems.

Our team has also evaluated the vehicle fleets and related operations for the following large clients with a view to identifying the most economical and efficient options for their fleet requirements

  • National Prosecuting Authority, including the Scorpions and Asset Forfeiture Unit.
  • City of Johannesburg (for the new contract in 2006)
  • Mangaung Municipality (Bloemfontein).
Municipal Support Services

Neo Africa as a group has been providing services to the City of Johannesburg and to eThekweni Municipalities with regard to strategic and operational support. For example, this included various Tasks or Projects for the City of Johannesburg, such as:

  • City of Johannesburg Institutional Review (current)
  • Monthly Flash reporting on performance of 14 MOE’s to Shareholder Unit
  • Quarterly Reporting on performance of 14 MOE’s to shareholder Unit
  • Consolidations
  • Business Planning Process aligning to COJ IDP process
  • Year-end Process
  • Corporatisation
  • Advisory and portfolio management roles over R5 billion in 14 infrastructure related asset for the City of     Johannesburg
  • Reporting is made to relevant committees highlighting concerns that will affect liquidity and solvency
  • Ensuring that the MOE’s comply to the relevant legislations i.e MFMA
  • Making information available to provincial and National bodies
  • Currently involved in the automation of financial information from the MOE’s to Shareholder Unit, which reduces manual intervention and ensuring that consolidations are done quicker facilitation with other stakeholders in producing the City Manager’s Dashboard

Attending the following meetings

  • ALCO (Assets and Liability Committee)
  • EMT (Executive Management Team)
  • IDP (Integrated Development Plan)
  • Mayoral Council
  • Section 80 (Portfolio Committees)
  • Other sub Committees within COJ
  • Audit Committee

The 16 companies (Municipal Owned Entities) of the City of Johannesburg formed part of the Portfolio. Please also refer to the section on “Our Project Experience” below, which covers other projects.

Facilities and Asset Management

Our Properties division is a private commercial property asset management operation boasting an entrepreneurial in-house management team with over 40 years’ experience in all facets of the South African property industry.  

We focus on:

  • Land acquisition and portfolio in Joint Ventures
  • Sourcing and generating investment opportunities
  • Finance for acquisition and / or developments
  • Development and disposal strategies
  • Public Sector immovable asset acquisition strategies
  • Facilities Management of Infrastructure
Business Process Consulting Services

The services we offer can and have helped organisations in public and private sector in a number of ways such as:

  • Meeting the requirements for ISO, Sarbannes-Oxley, and other quality programmes;
  • Reviewing processes to improve departmental service delivery;
  • Developing process based training materials to support systems implementations;
  • Preparing test scripts for systems testing;
  • Defining requirements for systems purchasing decisions and vendor solution evaluation;
  • Developing standard operating procedure manuals incorporating policy manuals;
  • Aligning policy and process to legislated requirements such as PFMA;
  • Improving people capacity and capability planning; and
  • Engineering and re-engineering of business process to ensure optimal performance.
  • NLC Game Design and Projections assessment.
Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP)

Neo Africa group are EPWP Specialists who have generated Implementation Plans for all sectors (Infrastructure, Economic, Social and Environment) for the Gauteng Department of Public Transport, Roads and Works in line with Departmental policy, best practice, EPWP legislation and on site monitoring and evaluation processes, not excluding quality of construction and expenditure progress in line with construction progress.

Neo Africa group have also undertaken the Monitoring and Evaluation of EPWP projects implemented by the GDPTRW Provincial. The M & E activities included not only the implementation of EPWP but also the construction activities and departmental budgeting, finance and cash flow and payments. The project team also developed Monitoring and Evaluation tools, such as dashboard reporting.

Neo Africa group were also appointed by this Department for the following contracts:

The Up-scaling of EPWP on all Capital Roads projects implemented by the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport and the Strategic Implementation of the EPWP for the Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development (GDID).

These contracts were later joined under one larger contract for the GDID and the scope of work included the following:

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of EPWP principles and requirements
  • Project Planning and Implementation of Training Plan
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of EPWP Training
  • Development of an EPWP Standard Operating Procedures Manual which included:
  • Policies
  • EPWP Standardisation in Activities, Forms and Reporting
  • Process flowcharts
  • Step-by-step guide on performing all EPWP activities by Job Title
  • Up-scaling of EPWP within these two Departments through means of Community Participation, Capacity Building, Stakeholder Management (internal and external through other Departments, municipalities, political structures, NGOs and CBOs)

The contract was an overwhelming success which placed the project team responsible for the development of EPWP training plans for over 196 projects and in the most recent financial year the 17 projects Neo Solutions were managing in terms of EPWP created 1867 jobs with a financial EPWP return into unemployment of HDI and empowerment of SMMEs onto the projects yielding R35 million.

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BEE Consulting)

Neo Africa has been providing Transformation and Economic empowerment services to various corporate clients. Our team focuses on supporting our clients to develop and implement strategic plans to transform the workplace. Our mission is to assist our clients to integrate B-BBEE into the strategy of the organisation.

We specialise in the development and implementation of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) plans and policies, we assist and guide companies through the course of transformation. We operate at the forefront of BEE and act as advisors and guides to small, medium and large businesses across all industry sectors.

Our B-BBEE specialists focus on B-BBEE advisory services including compliance, transformation strategy development & implementation support, ownership structuring and analysis, management of fronting risk and implementing authentic broad-based ownership schemes. We actively participate in the policy discussion with Government in an effort to bring balance to the transformation dialogue.

We offer our clients access to a group of professionals with legal, financial and commercial expertise to address specific BEE needs and issues, such as drafting a BEE strategic plan and facilitating its implementation.

Our Services
  • Implementation of Amended new codes.
  • Strategy development that makes business sense.
  • Monitoring compliance in terms of proposed strategy.
  • Advising on gaps identified.
  • Overseeing implementation of remedial action to close gaps.
  • Re- evaluation of the effects of remedial action on the scorecard and reporting on same.
  • On- going monitoring of progress on all elements, i.e:
  • Ownership
  • Management Control
  • Employment Equity
  • Skills Development
  • Preferential Procurement
  • Enterprise Development
  • Socio Economic Development
  • Use of specialist tool to assist in scenario planning and validation of scores
  • Provision of the specialist tool to our clients and associated training in order to empower management to transform the organisation.
  • Scenario planning and analysis on an ad- hoc basis.
  • Ad- hoc advisory services.
  • On- going assistance with validation and compilation of evidence in preparation for audit.
  • Specialist advisory services.